Experimental Observation of Plasma Wakefield Growth Driven by the Seeded Self-Modulation of a Proton Bunch

Turner, M. and Adli, E. and Ahuja, A. and Apsimon, O. and Apsimon, R. and Bachmann, A.-M. and Barros Marin, M. and Barrientos, D. and Batsch, F. and Batkiewicz, J. and Bauche, J. and Berglyd Olsen, V.K. and Bernardini, M. and Biskup, B. and Boccardi, A. and Bogey, T. and Bohl, T. and Bracco, C. and Braunmüller, F. and Burger, S. and Burt, G. and Bustamante, S. and Buttenschön, B. and Caldwell, A. and Cascella, M. and Chappell, J. and Chevallay, E. and Chung, M. and Cooke, D. and Damerau, H. and Deacon, L. and Deubner, L.H. and Dexter, A. and Doebert, S. and Farmer, J. and Fedosseev, V.N. and Fior, G. and Fiorito, R. and Fonseca, R.A. and Friebel, F. and Henderson, J.R. and Kim, S.-Y. and Li, Y. and Liu, S. and Mazzoni, S. and Mitchell, J. and Pitman, S. and Sherwood, P. and Williamson, B. and Woolley, B. (2019) Experimental Observation of Plasma Wakefield Growth Driven by the Seeded Self-Modulation of a Proton Bunch. Physical review letters, 122 (5). ISSN 0031-9007

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We measure the effects of transverse wakefields driven by a relativistic proton bunch in plasma with densities of 2.1 x 10(14) and 7.7 x 10(14) electrons/cm(3). We show that these wakefields periodically defocus the proton bunch itself, consistently with the development of the seeded self-modulation process. We show that the defocusing increases both along the bunch and along the plasma by using time resolved and time-integrated measurements of the proton bunch transverse distribution. We evaluate the transverse wakefield amplitudes and show that they exceed their seed value (<15 MV/m) and reach over 300 MV/m. All these results confirm the development of the seeded self-modulation process, a necessary condition for external injection of low energy and acceleration of electrons to multi-GeV energy levels.

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Physical review letters
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08 Mar 2019 13:20
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