Coherent Manipulations of Charge-Number States in a Cooper-Pair Box

Nakamura, Y. and Pashkin, Yu. A. and Yamamoto, T. and Tsai, J. S. (2002) Coherent Manipulations of Charge-Number States in a Cooper-Pair Box. Physica Scripta, T102 (1). pp. 155-161. ISSN 0031-8949

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We have investigated coherent properties of an artificial two-level system realized in a small-Josephson-junction circuit. Two charge-number states of a small superconducting electrode connected to a reservoir via a Josephson junction were used as the two relevant states. Coherent manipulations of the charge-number states by applying a gate-voltage pulse were demonstrated, and decoherence of the system was studied through a spin-echo-type experiment. The result suggested that low-frequency energy-level fluctuations due to 1/f background charge noise is a dominant source of the dephasing.

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Physica Scripta
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