Determination of electroweak parameters in polarised deep-inelastic scattering at HERA

Andreev, V. and Baghdasaryan, A. and Begzsuren, K. and Belousov, A. and Bolz, A. and Boudry, V. and Brandt, G. and Brisson, V. and Britzger, D. and Buniatyan, A. and Bylinkin, A. and Bystritskaya, L. and Campbell, A.J. and Cantun Avila, K.B. and Cerny, K. and Chekelian, V. and Contreras, J.G. and Cvach, J. and Dainton, J.B. and Daum, K. and Diaconu, C. and Dobre, M. and Eckerlin, G. and Egli, S. and Elsen, E. and Favart, L. and Fedotov, A. and Feltesse, J. and Fleischer, M. and Fomenko, A. and Gayler, J. and Goerlich, L. and Gogitidze, N. and Gouzevitch, M. and Grab, C. and Grebenyuk, A. and Greenshaw, T. and Grindhammer, G. and Haidt, D. and Henderson, R.C.W. and Hladkỳ, J. and Hoffmann, D. and Horisberger, R. and Hreus, T. and Huber, F. and Jacquet, M. and Janssen, X. and Jung, A.W. and Jung, H. and Kapichine, M. (2018) Determination of electroweak parameters in polarised deep-inelastic scattering at HERA. European Physical Journal D, 78 (9). ISSN 1434-6079

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The parameters of the electroweak theory are determined in a combined electroweak and QCD analysis using all deep-inelastic e+p and e-p neutral current and charged current scattering cross sections published by the H1 Collaboration, including data with longitudinally polarised lepton beams. Various fits to Standard Model parameters in the on-shell scheme are performed. The mass of the W boson is determined as mW=80.520±0.115GeV. The axial-vector and vector couplings of the light quarks to the Z boson are also determined. Both results improve the precision of previous H1 determinations based on HERA-I data by about a factor of two. Possible scale dependence of the weak coupling parameters in both neutral and charged current interactions beyond the Standard Model is also studied. All results are found to be consistent with the Standard Model expectations. © 2018, The Author(s).

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Journal Article
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European Physical Journal D
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09 Jan 2019 14:30
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