Torque:expanded publishing in a new era for readers

Jones, Nathan (2018) Torque:expanded publishing in a new era for readers. Torque Editions.

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This research project uses the model of "expanded publishing" to address what reading is today. Expanded publishing refers to a practice in which books and screen-based texts are considered part of a process which includes talks, exhibitions, performances and software development. This approach has allowed for a powerful analysis of factors that influence what is readable in the contemporary realm. N. Katherine Hayles' concept of "hyper reading", suggests that we can switch rapidly between different kinds of reading in a way that is suited to our multi-media environments. The Torque project takes this as a conceptual proposition for publishing, in which the book exists in tension with and a range of other media forms. Torque publications combine cutting edge theoretical and scientific research materials with art texts, introducing some of these concepts to the art field for the first time - and cutting across many creative disciplines such as New Media Art, Literature, Art Writing and Performance. Emerging concepts such as media-theorist Prof. N. Katherine Hayles "non-conscious cognition", and cognitive archaeologist Dr. Lambros Malafouris' "Material Engagement Theory", have entered art discourse through our events and publications, and updates from the front-line of our own readability as data-subjects, from Claude Morales MEP and Dr Christian Fuchs, and new clinical therapies from UCL's Aphasia Lab have been combined with cutting edge New Media Art practices such as Erica Scourti's explorations of these technologies. The project has achieved a high level of impact through international partners such as Transmediale, FACT and Link Editions, as well as peer review publication and invited talks. As the project has progressed it has transitioned from a research and publication phase, including two major edited collections, to the active development and production of new artwork-propositions, notably culminating in the Relearning to Read exhibition in 2017. Ongoing research includes network activity with EU-wide Xpublica project. All work is archived and open access through the Torque website.

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