Blind Detections of CO J = 1-0 in 11 H-ATLAS Galaxies at z = 2.1-3.5 with the GBT/Zpectrometer

Harris, A. I. and Baker, A. J. and Frayer, D. T. and Smail, Ian and Swinbank, A. M. and Riechers, D. A. and van der Werf, P. P. and Auld, R. and Baes, M. and Bussmann, R. S. and Buttiglione, S. and Cava, A. and Clements, D. L. and Cooray, A. and Dannerbauer, H. and Dariush, A. and De Zotti, G. and Dunne, L. and Dye, S. and Eales, S. and Fritz, J. and González-Nuevo, J. and Hopwood, R. and Ibar, E. and Ivison, R. J. and Jarvis, M. J. and Maddox, S. and Negrello, M. and Rigby, E. and Smith, D. J. B. and Temi, P. and Wardlow, J. (2012) Blind Detections of CO J = 1-0 in 11 H-ATLAS Galaxies at z = 2.1-3.5 with the GBT/Zpectrometer. The Astrophysical Journal, 752 (2). p. 152. ISSN 0004-637X

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We report measurements of the carbon monoxide ground state rotational transition (12C16O J = 1-0) with the Zpectrometer ultrawideband spectrometer on the 100 m diameter Green Bank Telescope. The sample comprises 11 galaxies with redshifts between z = 2.1 and 3.5 from a total sample of 24 targets identified by Herschel-ATLAS photometric colors from the SPIRE instrument. Nine of the CO measurements are new redshift determinations, substantially adding to the number of detections of galaxies with rest-frame peak submillimeter emission near 100 μm. The CO detections confirm the existence of massive gas reservoirs within these luminous dusty star-forming galaxies (DSFGs). The CO redshift distribution of the 350 μm selected galaxies is strikingly similar to the optical redshifts of 850 μm-selected submillimeter galaxies in 2.1

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The Astrophysical Journal
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