Acceleration in the linear non-scaling fixed-field alternating-gradient accelerator EMMA

Machida, S. and Barlow, R. and Berg, J.S. and Bliss, N. and Buckley, R.K. and Clarke, J.A. and Craddock, M.K. and D'Arcy, R. and Edgecock, R. and Garland, J.M. and Giboudot, Y. and Goudket, P. and Griffiths, S. and Hill, C. and Hill, S.F. and Hock, K.M. and Holder, D.J. and Ibison, M.G. and Jackson, F. and Jamison, S.P. and Johnstone, C. and Jones, J.K. and Jones, L.B. and Kalinin, A. and Keil, E. and Kelliher, D.J. and Kirkman, I.W. and Koscielniak, S. and Marinov, K. and Marks, N. and Martlew, B. and McIntosh, P.A. and McKenzie, J.W. and Méot, F. and Middleman, K.J. and Moss, A. and Muratori, B.D. and Orrett, J. and Owen, H.L. and Pasternak, J. and Peach, K.J. and Poole, M.W. and Rao, Y.-N. and Saveliev, Y. and Scott, D.J. and Sheehy, S.L. and Shepherd, B.J.A. and Smith, R. and Smith, S.L. and Trbojevic, D. and Tzenov, S. and Weston, T. and Wheelhouse, A. and Williams, P.H. and Wolski, A. and Yokoi, T. (2012) Acceleration in the linear non-scaling fixed-field alternating-gradient accelerator EMMA. Nature Physics, 8 (3). pp. 243-247. ISSN 1745-2473

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In a fixed-field alternating-gradient (FFAG) accelerator, eliminating pulsed magnet operation permits rapid acceleration to synchrotron energies, but with a much higher beam-pulse repetition rate. Conceived in the 1950s, FFAGs are enjoying renewed interest, fuelled by the need to rapidly accelerate unstable muons for future high-energy physics colliders. Until now a ‘scaling’ principle has been applied to avoid beam blow-up and loss. Removing this restriction produces a new breed of FFAG, a non-scaling variant, allowing powerful advances in machine characteristics. We report on the first non-scaling FFAG, in which orbits are compacted to within 10 mm in radius over an electron momentum range of 12–18 MeV/c. In this strictly linear-gradient FFAG, unstable beam regions are crossed, but acceleration via a novel serpentine channel is so rapid that no significant beam disruption is observed. This result has significant implications for future particle accelerators, particularly muon and high-intensity proton accelerators.

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Nature Physics
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