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Ahmed, Faraz and Abel, Gary A and Lloyd, Cathy E and Burt, Jenni and Roland, Martin (2015) Does the availability of a South Asian language in practices improve reports of doctor-patient communication from South Asian patients?:Cross sectional analysis of a national patient survey in English general practices. BMC Family Practice, 16. ISSN 1471-2296


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Chatzidamianos, Gerasimos (2015) Mental Health and Deafness: Professional perspectives on deafness, evidence and applications by Margaret du Feu & Cathy Chovaz, Oxford University Press, 2014, 320pp. Clinical Psychology Forum, 272. p. 53. ISSN 0269-0144

Chatzidamianos, Gerasimos (2015) The implications of impaired language on case management and clinical assessment in Deaf adults with psychosis. In: 22nd International Congress on the Education of the Deaf. Educating Diverse Learners: Many Ways, One Goal. University of Patras, Athens, p. 253.

Cramond, Laura (2015) Exploring experiences of compassion and resilience in clinical psychologists working in palliative care. PhD thesis, .

Curvis, Will (2015) Self-esteem and social anxiety following brain injury. PhD thesis, .


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Gadoud, Amy (2015) Supporting people at home in the last year of life via telephone and video consultation—an evaluation of Gold Line. .

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Guillaume, Yves R. F. and Dawson, Jeremy and Otaye, Lilian and Woods, Stephen A. and West, Michael (2015) Harnessing demographic differences in organizations:what moderates the effects of workplace diversity? Journal of Organizational Behavior. ISSN 0894-3796


Hall, Matthew (2015) Holland, J. and Edwards, R. (eds.). Understanding families over time. Journal of Gender Studies, 24 (3). pp. 370-372. ISSN 0958-9236

Hall, Matthew (2015) ‘When there's no underbrush the tree looks taller’:a discourse analytical examination of how men account for genital grooming. Sexualities. ISSN 1363-4607 (In Press)

Halliday, Emma Catherine and Orton, Lois and Egan, Matt and Lewis, Sue and Powell, Katie and Townsend, Anne and Tyrrell, Rachel and Whitehead, Margaret and Popay, Jennifer Mary (2015) Understanding area-based community empowerment initiatives as events systems and the implications for evaluating their potential to affect health inequalities. The Lancet, 386 (Suppl.). S41. ISSN 0140-6736

Hough, Rebecca (2015) Psychiatric diagnosis:learning from people who have been labeled and the practitioners who work with them. PhD thesis, .

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Ingham, Charlotte (2015) Experiences of same-sex oriented women in relation to psychological wellbeing. PhD thesis, .


Jones, Lisa (2015) An exploration of coping in sex work. PhD thesis, .

Jury, Jo (2015) Psychological variables involved in chronic pain outcomes:the role of pain catastrophizing and self-compassion. PhD thesis, .


Khilji, Shaista E. and Tarique, Ibraiz and Schuler, Randall (2015) Incorporating the macro view in global talent management. Human Resource Management Review, 25 (3). pp. 236-248. ISSN 1053-4822


Lewthwaite, Helen (2015) Challenging behaviours:caregiver attributions and emotional experiences. PhD thesis, .

Lloyd Williams, Alison and Bingley, Amanda and Mort, Maggie and Walker, Marion (2015) "It's where I first saw the water":walking and talking along a flood landscape with children and young people. In: 3rd International Conference of the International Childhood and Youth Research Network, 2015-06-102015-06-12, European University. (Unpublished)

Lowe, Sonya S. and Milligan, Christine and Watanabe, Sharon M. and Brearley, Sarah Grace (2015) A grounded theory approach to physical activity and advanced cancer:a qualitative study protocol. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 14 (5). ISSN 1609-4069

Lyuobvnikova, Joanne and West, Michael and Dawson, Jeremy and Carter, Matthew (2015) 24-Karat or fool’s gold?:Consequences of real team and co-acting group membership in healthcare organizations. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 24 (6). pp. 929-950. ISSN 1359-432X


McDermott, Elizabeth and Roen, Katrina and Scourfield, Jonathan (2015) Avoiding shame:young LGBT people, homophobia and self-destructive behaviours. In: Culture, health and sexuality. Sexuality, Culture and Health . Routledge, Oxon, pp. 207-220. ISBN 9781138015586

Michalak, Erin Elwood and Lane, Kathleen and Hole, Rachelle and Barnes, Steven J. and Khatri, Nasreen and Lapsley, Sara and Maxwell, Victoria and Milev, Roumen and Parikh, Sagar V. and Berk, Lesley and Berk, Michael and Tse, Samson and Murray, Greg and Perez Algorta, Guillermo and Lobban, Fiona and Jones, Steven and Johnson, Sheri (2015) Towards a better future for Canadians with bipolar disorder:principles and implementation of a community-based participatory research model. Engaged Scholar Journal: Community-Engaged Research, Teaching and Learning, 1 (1). pp. 132-147. ISSN 2369-1190

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Nagington, Maurice and Luker, Karen and Walshe, Catherine (2015) (Re)creating the home:the morality of technology in the home in relation to district nursing palliative care. In: 19th International Philosophy of Nursing Society (IPONS), 2015-08-242015-08-26.


Owen, Mary and Speight, Thomas and Sarsam, May and Sellwood, William (2015) Group CBT for psychosis in acute care:a review of outcome studies. The Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, 8.


Perez Algorta, G and Youngstrom, E A and Van Meter, A and Arnold, L E and Fristad, M A and Horwitz, S M and Frazier, T W and Taylor, H and Findling, R L (2015) Diagnostic efficiency of the CASI-4 ADHD subscales in the LAMS studY:a ROC analysis. ADHD Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders, 7 (Suppl.). S76. ISSN 1866-6116

Perez Algorta, Guillermo and Van Meter, Anna and Youngstrom, Eric A. (2015) The apple and the tree:what family and offspring studies of bipolar disorder show about mechanisms of risk and prevention. In: The bipolar book. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 171-180. ISBN 9780199300532

Ponsford, Ruth and Collins, Jane Michelle and Egan, Matt and Halliday, Emma Catherine and Salway, Sarah and Orton, Lois and Popay, Jennifer Mary and Townsend, Anne and Whitehead, Margaret (2015) Development of a framework for identifying and measuring collective control as a social determinant of health: findings from an evaluation of a natural policy experiment in empowerment. The Lancet, 386 (Suppl.). S64. ISSN 0140-6736

Popay, Jennifer Mary and Porroche-Escudero, Ana and Sadler, Gill and Simpson, Sarah (2015) The CLAHRC NWC Health Inequalities Assessment Toolkit (2015) Coordinators: Popay, J. Porroche-Escudero, A., Sadler, G. and Simpson, S. Lancaster: The National Institute of Health Research Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care North West Coast and Lancaster University. NIHR CLAHRC NWC.

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Porroche-Escudero, Ana (2015) La violencia de la cultura rosa. Diagonal Cuerpo.

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Powell, Gary N. and Butterfield, D. Anthony (2015) Correspondence between self- and good-manager descriptions:examining stability and change over four decades. Journal of Management, 41 (6). pp. 1745-1773. ISSN 0149-2063


Roberts, Bethan (2015) An exploration of the way in which services support adolescents with eating disorders. PhD thesis, .


Schippers, Michaéla C. and West, Michael and Dawson, Jeremy (2015) Team reflexivity and innovation:the moderating role of team context. Journal of Management, 41 (3). pp. 769-788. ISSN 1557-1211

Simpson, Jane and Triliva, Sofia and Thomas, Carol and Chatzidamianos, Gerasimos and Murray, Craig (2015) Living with a long term physical health condition:psychological experiences of older lifestyle migrants. The European Health Psychologist, 17 (2). pp. 72-78. ISSN 2225-6962

Sparrow, Paul (2015) Beyond the organisation:realising HR’s vital role in the success of partnering arrangements. Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, London.

Sparrow, Paul (2015) What is it that the HR department needs to know in future? In: The rise of HR. HR Certification Institute, Alexandria, pp. 429-435. ISBN 9781329018310

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Turner, Roisin (2015) Psychiatric diagnosis:views of service users and professionals. PhD thesis, .

Tyerman, Emma (2015) Family experience after paediatric acquired brain injury. PhD thesis, .

Tyler, Elizabeth and Jones, Steven (2015) A case formulation approach to bipolar disorder. In: Case formulation in cognitive behaviour therapy. Brunner-Routledge, London. ISBN 9780415741798


Walls, Helen (2015) Well-being in psychologists. PhD thesis, .

Watkinson, Marcelina (2015) Mothers' experiences of postpartum psychosis and negative emotions during breastfeeding. PhD thesis, .

West, Michael (2015) Leading cultures that deliver high quality care. .

West, Michael and West, T. (2015) Leadership in healthcare:a review of the evidence. Health Management, 15. pp. 123-125. ISSN 0159-1959

Whitburn, T. and Walshe, Catherine and Sleeman, K. E. (2015) International palliative care journal club on twitter:experience so far. BMJ Supportive and Palliative Care, 5 (1). p. 120. ISSN 2045-435X

Wilson, Hannah and Weatherhead, Stephen John and Davies, Jenny Shuttleworth (2015) Clinical psychologists’ experiences of accessing personal therapy during training:a narrative analysis. International Journal of Practice-based Learning in Health and Social Care, 3 (2). pp. 32-47.


Yang, Miaoqing and Zucchelli, Eugenio (2015) The impact of public smoking bans on well-being externalities: evidence from a natural experiment. Working Paper. Lancaster University, Department of Economics, Lancaster.

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