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Baron, Kirsten and Hodgson, Aruna and Walshe, Catherine (2015) Evaluation of an advance care planning education programme for nursing homes:a longitudinal study. Nurse Education Today. ISSN 1532-2793


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Walji, Irram and Smith, Ian (2015) Working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse from South Asian communities. Clinical Psychology Forum. ISSN 0269-0144 (In Press)

Wilson, Eleanor and Morbey, Hazel and Brown, Jayne and Payne, Sheila and Seale, Clive and Seymour, Jane (2015) Administering anticipatory medications in end-of-life care:a qualitative study of nursing practice in the community and in nursing homes. Palliative Medicine, 29 (1). pp. 60-70. ISSN 0269-2163

Wilson, Hannah (2015) A trainee's reflections on seeking and managing informed consent in therapy. Clinical Psychology Forum. ISSN 0269-0144 (In Press)


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Youngstrom, E. A. and Hameed, A. and Mitchell, M. and Van Meter, A. and Freeman, A. J. and Perez Algorta, Guillermo and White, A. and Clayton, P. and Gelenberg, A. and Meyer, R. E. (2015) Direct comparison of the psychometric properties of multiple interview and patient-rated asessments of suicidal ideation and behavior in an adult psychiatric inpatient sample. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. ISSN 0160-6689 (In Press)

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