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Archibong, Uduak and Giga, Sabir and Jacinta, Elliott, and Reg, Walker, (2006) Capacity for Results: An Evaluation of ‘Getting Results’ and the Capacity Development Needs of Voluntary and Community Sector Organisations. unknown.

Emerson, Eric and Walsh, P. N. and Lobb, C. and Hatton, Chris and Bradley, V. and Schalock, R. L. and Moseley, C. (2006) Review of models of supported accommodation for people with intellectual disabilities : recommendations for a national study in Ireland. Centre for Disability Studies, University College Dublin.

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Contribution in Book/Report/Proceedings

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Contribution to Conference

Chatzidamianos, Gerasimos (2006) Deaf Schizophrenia, Sign Language and Motor Control; Evidence for a Dissociation? In: International Conference on Schizophrenia of SCARF, 2006-10-13.

Murray, Craig and O'Keeffe, Ciaran (2006) Are psychics perceived to be more accurate and persuasive than non-psychics? In: Proceedings of the Parapsychological Association Convention, 2006-08-01, Stockholm, Sweden.

Thomas, Carol (2006) Exploring Experience – disciplinary perspectives. [Invited speaker]. In: Seminar of the North East and Midlands Sociology of Health and Illness Group, 2006-07-12. (Unpublished)

Thomas, Carol (2006) Exploring Experience: perspectives in disability studies and medical sociology. In: Disability Studies - International Conference, 2006-09-182006-09-20.

Journal Article

Barnes, Sarah and Gott, Merryn and Payne, Sheila and Seamark, David (2006) A study to explore the characteristics, quality of life and concerns of informal carers of older people with heart failure. Palliative Medicine, 20 (3). p. 357. ISSN 1477-030X

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