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Adam-Müller, A F A (2001) Managerentlohnung mit Aktienoptionen. In: Handbuch Corporate Finance: Konzepte, Strategien und Praxiswissen für das moderne Finanzmanagement :. Deutscher Wirtschaftdienst, Köln, pp. 1-56. ISBN 3871561924

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Lubberink, Martien (2001) A good analyst has power over managers. Financial Analysts Journal, 2. pp. 46-47. ISSN 0015-198X

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Shackleton, M B and Wojakowski, R M (2001) Flow options: continuous real caps and floors. Working Paper. The Department of Accounting and Finance, Lancaster University.

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Taylor, Paul (2001) United Kingdom - Group Accounts (2001). In: Transnational Accounting (TRANSACC) 2nd Edition :. Palgrave, UK, 2,717-2,851. ISBN 0333710207

Taylor, S J (2001) Consequences for option pricing of a long memory in volatility. Working Paper. The Department of Accounting and Finance, Lancaster University.


Wangler, C and Adam-Müller, A F A (2001) Das Positionspapier der Arbeitsgruppe Stock Options des Deutschen Standardisierungsrates: Implikationen für Bilanzierung und Besteuerung. Finanz Betrieb, 1 (1). pp. 1-11. ISSN 1437-8981

Wojakowski, R M and Shackleton, M B (2001) On option expected returns. In: Mathematical Finance :. Birkhauser, Boston, pp. 365-374. ISBN 3764365536

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